2D & 3D Animation


Here at DOT Motions, we produce the world’s best Motion Graphics & Animations for businesses. Our team of creative developers will help plan and create the best motion projects that will methodically showcase your brand and services in the best light, so that you can professionally convey your message and connect better with your target audience.

Motion graphics & animation lets you convey information in ways that live action may not be able to, and that’s because of the unparalleled flexibility and creativity that stands as its core feature.

We can help create the best motion project for your business, product/service using 3D or 2D animation. It is the most innovative and distinctive alternative to a live video and you can be sure to get high returns on investment.

As a leading Motion Graphics & Animation Company in Dubai – we can help produce the best of logo animations and 3D animations.

Logo Animations

Your logo can be transformed to become lively, to materialize out of the clouds, or be engraved in stone or even wash up on shore; you just name it and we will produce it. With creativity and skilled hands, anything is possible and our dedicated animation team can make it happen. Producing animation content for you – will surely add some extra zing to your websites and the possibilities are limitless.

3D Animations

Our creative team will help provide the best 3D animation services in Dubai that will aid you convey your content in rich colorful and vibrant manner. This will help you attract more consumers/clients and also place you as an authority in your niche. If a highly creative, cost effective and yet realistic looking 3D animation content is what you seek for your business; our team will help you achieve it as we present you the best of customized solutions.


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